Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Eroica & Symphony No. 5 in C minor

SIGCD169 | August 2009 release.

Beethoven's Eroica Symphony transformed the classical symphony, bringing it firmly into the Romantic era. Despite its title there is no specific programme to the work; Deryck Cooke wrote 'we should regard it as the musical equivalent of an essay on heroism'.

One of the most famous openings to a symphony ever composed, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is a progression from tragic fatalism to blazing triumph. Although the shadows of the third movement make a brief reappearance in the finale, they are soon chased away in the brilliant C major finale.

This recording is conducted by the Philharmonia's Honorary Conductor for Life, Christoph von Dohnányi.

  • Symphony No. 3 - I. Allegro con brio
  • Symphony No. 3 - II. Marcia funebre: Adagio assai
  • Symphony No. 3 - III. Allegro vivace
  • Symphony No. 3 - IV. Allegro molto
  • Symphony No. 5 - I. Allegro con brio
  • Symphony No. 5 - II. Andante con moto
  • Symphony No. 5 - III. Scherzo: Allegro
  • Symphony No. 5 - IV. Allegro