December 2012: Philharmonia YouGov Survey - U25's Engagement

Forget notions of Britain’s youth not looking beyond pop reality shows: three in five of Britain’s under 25s (60%) say they would like to broaden their musical knowledge beyond pop music – with classical music and jazz coming top, according to a new YouGov poll for the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Following the release of The Orchestra, the critically acclaimed new app for iPad by Touch Press, the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Music Sales Group, this new research suggests young people have an active hunger to explore and learn about music.

The YouGov poll of 2,000 people revealed the under 25 age group were more interested in broadening their knowledge than 25-34 year olds (54%), 35-44 year olds (52%) and 45-54 year olds (54%). The five music genres under 25s were most interested comprised:

  1. Jazz 32%
  2. Classical 31%
  3. Blues 19%
  4. African 16%
  5. Oriental 13%

Other findings included:

  • Under 25s are twice as interested to learn about jazz as the over 45s (32% versus 14%).
  • Under 25s joined the over 55s in being those that were most interested in learning about classical music (32% and 33%), suggesting classical music may have skipped a generation but is set for a renaissance with young Britons.
  • A social hit: for social media users – classical music was the genre they were most interested in learning about - Facebook users (27%), Linkedin (39%) and Twitter (27%).
  • A new tune for Freshers? Students were most interested in discovering jazz (35%), classical (23%) and folk music (23%).

Responding to the growing interested in classical music amongst young people, the Philharmonia Orchestra continues to broadened the way people can connect with classical music, on and offline. With one in four social media users eager to learn more about classical music, the Philharmonia Orchestra releases regular podcasts, offers free music-making software online and continues to develop ground-breaking digital installations to introduce people to classical music. In 2013, the Orchestra aims to reach a younger generation by touring its acclaimed free digital installation Universe of Sound: The Planets, following its 2012 premiere at London’s Science Museum with over 60,000 visitors. Its groundbreaking new app, The Orchestra for iPad, giving unprecedented interactive exploration of orchestral music and instruments, was released last week; described by Stephen Fry as “mindblowing”, it has received 5 star reviews from press and public alike.

Alice Walton, Marketing Director commented: “We are delighted that young people are keen to explore different forms of music. This may, in part, be linked with having music lessons at school but music is a huge part of most of our lives, and classical music is all around us, in films, TV and online. The Philharmonia Orchestra is one of the world’s most recorded Orchestras and is committed to providing free, online and pioneering digital music resources online and discounted pathways to live concerts to harness young people’s enthusiasm to learn more about music.