I'm called Amina and I work in Paris, I'm 27 and yeh…

Hi I'm Cathie, I'm 28 years old and I live in Paris.

When you go out in Paris for music, where do you go?

Anywhere really, either we go to pop-up gigs or just standard concerts.

In the pubs at Bastille or Châtelet.

What kind of music do you like?

Hip-hop, RnB, jazz, yep…

Paris is still good for music because every year there are lots of new artists, it's never the same musicians over and over again, lots of them actually mix genres of music together. I think it's an interesting scene, yeh.

All the cities have a special musical character, a speciality, Paris is pretty unique, though you could say that for basically all the big cities in France. Paris is good because there's a big mix here, like I was saying, lots of styles of music come together here, there's an African community so there's lots of African music sometimes, then there's hip-hop... There's a big mix here, it's good.

Is music important to you? What kind of place does it have in your life?

It's really important to me, I always listen to music in the car, even on different forms of transport, it's important to be able to escape a little. To get away from the stress of the week, a bit of music even on the journey home, it does you good.

French music, in three words?

Eclectic, in every way, origins, this is specifically important in French music and then and then and then…. French music is joyful too!

It brings everyone together, it lets you get away from it all and we need it, that's it really.

I think that, well are we talking about French music or music in Paris, because they're not at all the same thing. Paris is very particular and the music reflects the city, it's unique in that it's French but it's also made up of people from all over the world and that's important.


Scroll down to take a stroll away from the bustle of the Jardin des Tuileries to the twinkling Seine below.

Nowhere is the precision and magnificence of French style more apparent than when you pause between the musée du Louvre and the jardin des Tuileries. On your left the Eiffel Tower stretches to the sky, to the right the Arc du Triomphe du Carrousel is unmissable and immaculately pruned foliage surrounds you.

The jardin des Tuileries is transformed twice a year with the advent of Paris Fashion Week. Choose your time and location carefully and you'll spot an exotic gathering of editors, models and a few tourists, happy to witness the event. It's an explosion of colour and creativity quite unlike anything you might see day to day in Paris.

Meander away from the rue de Rivoli and you will find yourself on the banks of the Seine. Taking the steps down to the riverbank you enter a quieter world, where the sounds of the Seine mask jostling traffic and blue greens replace the golden dust of the Tuileries.

If there’s one thing Parisians do best, it’s the apéritif. A sturdy bottle of red and a picnic of tasty snacks are all you need for a good evening in the capital. Often music accompanies the event, almost always water features, whether it’s Canal Saint-Martin or the banks of the Seine. It’s a charming feature of life in the capital.

To discover another beautiful location in Paris, check out our film on music and nature, filmed on location at the jardin du Luxembourg.