I'm Ahmed, I'm 32 years old and I live in Paris.

Which area of Paris do you live in?

I live in Seine Saint Denis, it's 15 kilometers from Paris.

Is music in Paris important to everyone here?

Yes, it's a strong part of Parisian life. Especially at night, as you might expect, and Parisians love music that's for sure. There are lots of concerts in Paris.

And when you go out in Paris where do you go?

The Bellevilloise, Café A, Carreau du Temple, Zénith and the Olympia, that's about it.

Is there sometimes music here in the Rotonde?

Yes, though it's more dj sets than gigs here.


Have an explore below for a glimpse of the vibrant Jaurès area.

La Rotonde is a bustling bar and restaurant with a vibrant cultural scene, a far cry from its original roots as a point of commercial exchange in the late 1800s. Outside groups of friends gather to while away the evening as the Métro rumbles over-head and cyclists whistle by. It’s characteristic of the district that surrounds it, a hot-bed of new restaurants and up and coming creative businesses.

The building lies at the junction between canal Saint-Martin and canal de l'Ourcq. Nowhere in Paris beats these two canals for a picnic with friends as the sun goes down. Grab a rug, a good bottle of red and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of Paris at its very best. If you prefer a good meal this is also a great place to come to. The North East of Paris has a burgeoning culinary scene - from Indian to Lebanese, there's something for every palette.