Street Notes

A collection of musical tales from the streets of Paris. Explore French contemporary music with the people that live it, welcome to Street Notes

This waiter prefers hip-hop to the accordions of Montmartre. Hear his story.

Paris is a melting pot of different music, listen to what makes the city.

Muse on the artistic magic of Paris with brothers Max & Nick.

Ahmed has his finger on the pulse of electro music in Paris, listen about his favourite venues.

This Parisian believes music and dance were made for one another. Have a listen to his story.

Yann works as a waiter in celebrated café Le Dôme, but his heart lies in Corsica.

Aude introduces her take on French classics with a little help from Angelou.

The steps to the Sacré-Cœur are full of music and musicians, vying for your attention.

Meditate on the magic of Paris with Sophie, from the Louvre Courtyard.

Let Radu play away your blues with some French accordion tunes.