Martin Musical Scholarship Fund

The Martin Musical Scholarship Fund, administered by the Philharmonia Orchestra, has given invaluable support to countless young musicians since 1968.

Its anonymous founder and benefactor provided enough money to enable exceptionally talented students to bridge the difficult gap between full-time study and professional status.

MMSF award-winners perform six free pre-concert recitals in Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall, and also another six in the Purcell Room at Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall. These recitals are all free, but those at the Purcell Room do require booking, either through the South Bank or the Philharmonia Orchestra Box Office.

Usually over 60 awards are made each year. For gifted musicians, these awards enable them to either continue or complete an essential period of study that, due to financial constraints, may otherwise have been impossible. The culmination of the Fund’s commitment is to offer the opportunity of a recital at the Purcell Room at Southbank Centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall, which for these talented performers is an inspiring occasion that marks a milestone in their careers.

Many Martin Musical Scholarship Fund award winners have gone on to extremely successful orchestral or solo careers. Alumni include Tasmin Little, Freddy Kempf, Michael Collins, Natalie Clein, Steven Isserlis and Jennifer Pike. Philharmonia Orchestra players have also been beneficiaries such as current members Byron Fulcher and Mark van de Wiel.

Please note: the deadline for applications will be on Friday 31 January 2014.

We are pleased to announce the 2013 Martin Musical Scholarship Fund Award Winners, listed below.

Martin Musical Scholarship Fund Awards

Meyer Foundation Orchestral Award
various string awards

  • Allesandro Ruisi (Royal College of Music), violin
  • Kate Suthers (Royal Academy of Music), violin
  • Stephanie Edmunson, viola
  • Ella Rundle (Berlin Hochschule für musik), cello

Charles Henderson Ensemble Award

  • The Busch Ensemble
  • Quintabile Brass Ensemble

Violin Awards

  • Soh-Yon Kim (Royal College of Music)
  • Rose Hsien (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
  • Katy Smith (Royal College of Music)
  • Kristine Balanas (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Agatha Darashkaite (Royal College of Music)
  • Alanna Tonetti-Tieppo (Royal College of Music)
  • Mathilde Milwidsky (Private)
  • Benjamin Baker (Royal College of Music)
  • Pablo Hernan (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
  • Michael Foyle (Royal Academy of Music)

Viola Awards

  • Louisa Tatlow (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)

Cello Awards

  • George Hoult (Royal College of Music)
  • Yuki Ito (Royal College of Music)
  • Jane Lindsay (Royal College of Music)
  • Dora Kokas (Royal College of Music)
  • Margarita Balanas (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Michael Petrov (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)

Double Bass Awards

  • Margaride Castro (Royal College of Music)
  • David McIlfatrick (Royal College of Music)

Woodwind Awards

  • Elain Ruby, clarinet (Royal College of Music)
  • Amy Green, saxophone (Royal College of Music)
  • Claire Wickes, flute (Royal College of Music)
  • Oliver Philips, oboe (Royal College of Music)

Brass Awards

  • Rory Cartmell, tenor trombone (Royal College of Music)
  • Darren Moore, trumpet (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Victoria Rule, trumpet (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Toby Street, trumpet (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Catherine Knight, trumpet (Royal College of Music)
  • Sarah Campbell, trumpet (Royal Academy of Music)

Piano Awards

  • Yoshio Hamano (Royal College of Music)
  • Dinara Klinton (Royal College of Music)
  • Florian Mitrea (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Viviana Lasacarina (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Constanza Principe (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Kausikan Rajeshkumar (Royal College of Music)
  • Maksim Stsura (Royal College of Music)
  • Samson Tsoy (Royal College of Music)
  • Vasil Nachev (Royal College of Music)
  • Beatrice Stelzmuller (Royal Academy of Music)

Harp Awards

  • Anne Denholm (Royal Academy of Music)
  • Cecilia de Maria (Royal College of Music)
  • Rosanna Rolton (Royal College of Music)