Recording News - June 2013

The Philharmonia Orchestra hits the big and small screen in the summer of 2013 with performances of soundtracks for new video-games and blockbuster films set to reach beyond the concert hall.

Film Now You See Me surpassed expectations on its opening weekend at the beginning of June 2013 to gross an impressive $28 million. Starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Isla Fisher the film, in which a team of the world's greatest illusionists use their dazzling skills to orchestrate a series of spectacular heists, features the Philharmonia Orchestra performing a soundtrack by composer Brian Tyler. The “big, brassy, Lalo Schifrin-esque score stands apart” according to a review in Variety, and was recorded by the Orchestra at Air Studios, London in April 2013.

Back in January 2013 the Philharmonia headed through the snow to Abbey Road Studios to record music for Matt Damon’s new sci-fi action drama Elysium. The film, directed by Neil Blomkamp of District 9 fame, was scored by composer Ryan Amon. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Amon described how this was his first full length film score, after being asked to work on the film by Blomkamp who had heard his music on YouTube. Blomkamp didn’t allow Amon to see any of the film before writing the music, using his imagination to create the dramatic and futuristic sound-world for the audience. The movie is set in the year 2159, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth and follows the story of Matt Damon as he endeavours to bring equality to the two worlds. Elysium is due for release in in August 2013.

Released in June 2013 by Capcom, action-adventure stealth game Remember Me features an astonishing soundtrack composed by Olivier Derivière featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra. Recorded in November 2012 at Air Studios, London, the score is unique in turning the acoustic sound of the Orchestra into a remixed electronic backing to the game. The game-play follows character Nilin who has had her memory wiped through a futuristic version of Paris in the year 2084. The mystery, confusion and manipulation of memories in the story is reflected in the score and composer Derivière explains more in a behind the scenes video here. The soundtrack is available to buy as a download on iTunes.