Walton Henry V: A Shakespeare Scenario

The score to the 1944 film adaptation of Henry V, starring and directed by Laurence Olivier, is considered a classic film score, and excerpts from it, such as the orchestral Suite from Henry V, have been performed in concert.

A recording of the score arranged by Christopher Palmer, with actor Christopher Plummer reading the speeches given by the Chorus, Henry V, and the Duke of Burgundy, was released in 1990 under the title Henry V: A Shakespeare Scenario.

The score incorporates elements from a well-known vocal adaptation of French folk-songs called Chants d'Auvergne by Joseph Canteloube. The 2007 re-release of Sir Neville Marriner's recording of the score also includes original versions of earlier music by composers whose works were incorporated into the score, including selections from Canteloube's Chants d'Auvergne.

Source: Wikipedia

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