Our digital installations work started with our PLAY.orchestra project which took place outside Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall during the summer of 2006.  56 plastic cubes and 3 Hotspots were laid out on a full size orchestra stage, each cube containing a light and speaker

Sitting down on the cubes or standing in the hotspots turned on an individual instrument and with the addition of 58 friends you could hear the full piece.  The installation was also Bluetooth enabled - allowing participants to receive a ringtone of the piece they had created as well as other Philharmonia Orchestra ringtones. PLAY.orchestra played two different pieces each week - one a new commission from a young composer and one a piece from the classical repertoire.

The music played when the seats were activated was made using samples from our free sample library.  All the pieces of classical music heard at PLAY.orchestra were performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra in the following concert season.

PLAY.orchestra was the result of a collaboration between Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments, South Bank Centre Education and the Philharmonia Orchestra. The instrument graphics were created by pupils from 6 Lambeth primary schools.

Although PLAY.orchestra no longer exists, the project was part of the inspiration behind our installation projects RE-RITE and Universe of Sound