Wednesday 4 Feb 2015, 7.30pmRoyal Festival Hall, London

Venue Box Office: 020 3879 9555

David Hill conductor

The Bach Choir choir

Kodály Missa Brevis


Orff Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana is one of the most iconic choral works of the 20th century, with its opening chorus, O Fortuna, well-known to audiences of all ages. Composed in 1936, Orff based the work on a series of 24 secular medieval poems, which cover a range of subjects including the perils of drinking, gluttony and lust. Composed a few years later, during the second world war, Kodály's Missa Brevis is a melodic 'hymn to hope', characterised by the composer's deeply felt response to the plight of his nation.