Sunday 31 May 2015, 7pmAlte Oper, Frankfurt

Venue Box Office: +33 69 1340215

Esa-Pekka Salonen conductor

Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Eroica


Sibelius Symphony No. 5

Beethoven was just putting the finishing touches to his Third Symphony when his hero, Napoleon, declared himself ‘emperor’ and so, in Beethoven’s eyes, became ‘just another tyrant’ – Napoleon’s front page dedication was duly scored out and instead, ‘Eroica’ put in its place. The symphony itself is fuelled with drama, with brutal sforzandos rammed home, harmonic dissonances revelled in as never before, and fizzing virtuosity demanded of the players at every turn. Tonight also showcases Sibelius's Fifth Symphony, which was completed in time for the composer's fiftieth birthday celebrations and memorably climaxes in the finale's indelible horn calls, likened to Thor smashing down his hammer.