Venue Details

Jakub Hrůša conductor

Dimitry Ivashchenko bass Boris Godunov
Hubert Francis tenor Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shuysky
Eddie Wade baritone Andrey Shchelkalov/Boyar-in-attendace
James Way tenor Fool-in-God (Holy Fool)
Johnny Herford baritone Nikitich (police officer)
Frances Bourne mezzo soprano Feodor
Stephen Kennedy baritone Mitjuha
Philharmonia Voices choir Peasants, boyars and nameless voices
David Edwards director

Four of Russia’s ‘Mighty Handful’ of composers combine forces in a programme bookended by music from epic blockbuster operas. Both were later ‘revised’ by Rimsky, whose colourful Overture on Three Russian Themes epitomizes the St Petersburg nationalist style, while Cui’s sparkling overture has nothing to do with pirates but prefaces a charming domestic comedy.

This concert is part of the Mighty Five series

The Mighty Five series is supported by an anonymous donor