Venue Details

David Hill conductor

Catherine Wyn-Rogers mezzo soprano
Benjamin Hulett tenor
Philip Scriven organ
The Bach Choir choir

Dove Psalms for Leo

Dupré Cortege et Litaniebiography

Debussy La damoiselle éluebiography


Berlioz Te Deumbiography | programme note

Berlioz’s Te Deum, like his earlier Grande Messe des Morts, is one of the works Berlioz refers to in his Memoirs as one of “the enormous compositions which some critics have called architectural or monumental music”. It originally conceived to celebrate Napoleon but the final finished work was dedicated to Queen Victoria's husband, Albert. Composed for vast forces, in which organ, orchestra and choir compete as equals, Berlioz held the première to be a great success and as soon as it was over wrote to his friend and fellow composer, Franz Liszt: "Yes, [my] Requiem has a brother, a brother who has come into the world with teeth, like Richard III (minus the hump); and I tell you, today he bit the audience by the heart”.