Venue Details

Peter Tilling conductor

Marie Axelsson singer
Johanna Bölja Hertzberg singer
Unsuk Chin presenter

Rehnqvist Raven Chantbiography

Rehnqvist Utrop (Avocation)biography

Rehnqvist Quem chama? / Who's that calling?biography

Independent Swedish composer Karin Rehnqvist writes startingly intense and immediately communicative music. It often evokes elemental forces and draws on vernacular traditions and modernist innovations by equal measure. This concert includes the UK premières of Raven chant, a riveting ensemble piece referring to Nordic mythology, and of Rehnqvist's masterpiece Quem chama?, subtitled 'happening for concert hall, two singers and ensemble'. The latter employs the unique vocal techniques of Swedish ancient folk music in a way both archaic and cutting-edge.

This concert is part of the Music of Today series

The Music of Today series is supported by The Meyer Foundation