Simon Oliver writes: It's very early in the morning. To be honest, it's 2:40am! A couple of hours ago we ended our first concert on this tour and I'm pleased to report it went really well. Nothing is more satisfying for us than ending a concert with an audience giving a standing ovation and this is exactly how they responded to our performance of Mahler's Sixth Symphony tonight.

It is amazing that I'm lying in bed writing this blog so late, but I do not feel the slightest bit sleepy! The performance, coupled with being surrounded by your friends in the orchestra, makes that first night of a tour a special one.

Earlier on it was quite a bumpy approach into the landing at Luxembourg airport but we got down in the end! Also my hotel room wasn't ready when we arrived, but now that I'm in, it's a comfortable one.

We're doing one more concert here in Luxembourg and so no travelling today, which is great! Tomorrow's rehearsal has been put forward to 11am which gives me more time in the morning to gaze up at the hotel ceiling. After the rehearsal it's down to the old town for a bit of a wander around as lunch becomes the new objective of the day!

For now however, I'm going to try and persuade my eyes that it really is time to sleep!

Nighty, night!