Dear readers, I just spent rather a long time writing today's blog, only for a faulty internet connection to make it disappear completely, seemingly never to arrive, or return for that matter.

Perhaps one day aliens will intercept it and wonder at the strangeness of a blog containing the words 'superhuman' and 'viola'. But for now, I have neither the patience nor the time to write another proper one, so am instead going to write words rather than prose and let you fill in the gaps as you see fit. (Stop cheering at the back, I can hear you!)

So. Sapporo! Snow. Lots. Superbowl Breakfast, 109-yard touchdown, brilliant Baltimore. Go Ravens! Celebrate? Sapporo Beer Museum! Lunch. Walk to hall - snowy. Rite of Spring - sensational. Soupy ramen noodles. Snow sculptures - enormous. Blizzard - snowy. Bed.