Going on tour is such a regular occurance for us Philharmonia players there is a danger that it can become routine, and therefore less exciting.

Today, however, was a vast improvement on the usual touring experience, because rather than having to get up at the crack of dawn, bleary-eyed and bedraggled from bed, to catch a plane that leaves before most people are eating breakfast, our flight to Tokyo will leave at the wondrously respectable hour of 7pm! How exciting! So much time to do all the things that normal people do before they leave the country for twelve days; clean, vacuum, wash, eat breakfast, tidy, email people, update facebook status, telephone beloved relatives, water plants, find passport, eat lunch, take the rubbish out...

And so it came to pass that just around the time I had it in mind to finally leave for the airport (I tend to err on the side of 'last to check in, first to get your bag'), I was admiring my freshly sparkling abode, and realised there was one rather vital thing I still had to do before leaving - pack. Cue mad rummaging through draws, stuffing of oral hygiene equipment into toiletry bag and throwing of clothes into suitcase. Took me about 4 minutes. I made my train, just, but can't be sure if I have enough pairs of pants to keep me going for the entirity of the trip. I'm sure you'll be eager to hear how that turns out!

What I definitely have with me is a guidebook, all the requisite music and concertwear, and enough battery on my phone to write this blog update! It's currently 5.10pm and the tube has just left Hammersmith, so with any luck I'll get to Heathrow in time to catch the plane, and will therefore be able to continue blogging from Japan! Thanks for reading.